NCHS65 DC-Area Group

Deck Bransfield

Alice Bransfield

David and Mary Pace

Bill and Mary Gugino Seck

Ernie and Jackie Durand Glinka

Larry and Stephanie Donegan Pigeon

Troy and Betsy Ferrari Zeigler

Andrew and Ann Chatterton Klimas

Rene Ann Hudak Childers, Mary Ann Calleran Collins, and Stephanie Donegan Pigeon

Ed and Mary Ann Calleran Collins

Lunch group, May 1, 2017. From left to right: Mary (Gugino) and Bill Seck, Stephanie Donegan Pigeon, Sally Texiera Spollen, Claire Geiger Ackiss,
Ande Belperain Grantham, Walter (Wippie) and Barbara Priest, David and Mary Pace

Lunch group, Oct 13, 2017. From left to right: David Pace, Mary Gugino Seck (and Bill Seck mostly obscured behind her),
Barry Oliver Zlatoper, Stephanie Donegan Pigeon, Jackie Durand Glinka, and Sally Texiera Spollen.
Also present but not in the picture were Ande Belperain Grantham and Mary Pace.

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